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Simolex Rubber Corporation is a manufacturer of Standard and Custom size Silicone hose from 3-A Sanitary Standard 18-03, FDA Title 21 CFR 177-2600 and USDA compliant Silicone Rubber. Our Standard sizes silicone rubber milk hose, milk tubing comes in Red, Blue, Green and Translucent color with size range from 9/16", 5/8", 3/4" and 7/8" Inside Diameter. We also manufacture twin pulsation hose, tubing in 1/4" and 9/32" Inside diameter.

Silicone Milk hose, Silicone Milk transfer tubing has following unique properties:

  • - Made from 3A Sanitary-18-03 and FDA 21 CFR 177-2600 compliant Translucent, Green, Blue and Red Silicone Rubber.
  • - Retains Flexibility from -85 degree F to 300 degree F Temperature.  No more stiffness in cold weather.
  • - Smooth inside outside surface inhibits bacterial growth.
  • - Unaffected by milk fat, bacteria and dairy cleaning chemicals.
  • - It is tasteless, odorless, non-toxic an non-corrosive.
  • - It is perfectly hygienic and has longer life than other types of milk hose.
  • - It can be sterilized by boiling water if required.
  • - It resist ultra violet rays.  No more cracking, deterioration.
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We manufacture high quality silicone milk hose and rubber tubing. We also delivery a wide variety of medical tubing supplies and different kind of silicone extrusion. You can visit to have a look on our other products.